Thank You

Dear parent,

We thank you for your donation! You did a small step for you, but a huge step for your kid’s future. Also, your donation will help other kids to be more motivated to read and learn.
At KIDIBOT we strive to provide you the best tool possible to motivate the little ones to read more. Your small donation will help us do just that.

Next steps:

Step #1: Create a WARRIOR account for your kid! on the website. We’ll upgrade it to HERO account!
IMPORTANT: Make sure the “Parent Email” is the same with the email you used to create your own account

Step #2: Tell your kid to start reading and come back on KIDIBOT afterwards and answer the quizzes, to get points

Step #3: Tell to the other parents from the class to do the same. The benefits are HUGE if several kids from the same class are joining the fight, It’s called “positive social pressure”. The teachers will be very happy also if you tell them about this awesome tool.

If you have any questions, please let us know:

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