KIDIBOT helps kids to WANT to read & learn more!

Kids win points proving they’ve read various books. Or solving quizzes (math, English, IQ, EQ, physics, chemistry, …)

This way, they win points, appreciation, respect and self-esteem. Bonus, they get prizes. 🙂

By reading and learning, they help their class to evolve.

KIDIBOT stimulates team work.

We create a positive social pressure.

The reading and learning becomes cool.

But how does it work?

The CROCOBETS aliens want to conquer Earth. Their main weapons are laziness and stupidity.


KIDIBOT is a little robot that came from outer-space to help kids to defeat the CROCOBETS.

Benefits for you:

You get motivated pupils.
You get prizes for those who deserve, to extra-motivate them (books, toys, surprise prizes)
Happy parents.
You get a nice diploma for being a volunteer in KIDIBOT.
Your school will get a diploma

What should you do:

Tell your parents to create accounts for their kids on KIDIBOT.
Tell kids to install KIDIBOT app on phone/tablet.
Encourage the kids to fill in the quizzes, so they can help their team to save the planet!

If you have questions, you may contact us directly here.

Main Partner:

Kidibot este sustinut de Electrica


Kidibot is supported by Google
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